Your animal hospital has a podcast?

That's right...we have our very own podcast. Years ago, we did this in the form of a written blog. It never really took off, and sometimes, reading words on a page can just lose so much of their weight and personality. So we decided to humanize our doctors that much more, allowing you to listen to them go over a number of unique topics. You may have even asked them any of these questions while you were in an exam room with your pet. Well, now you can take away more from that conversation with the podcast. 

We are a state of the art animal hospital located in Mission Viejo, California...smack dab in the middle of Southern California. The owner and head veterinarian, Dr. Matthew Wheaton, is always on the cutting edge and looking for the best ways to serve our patients, their owners and the community at large. We hope this podcast takes that community to even new levels.  

Feel free to leave a comment or send us an email. We are always accepting new topics or questions to discuss in our future episodes. Give us a follow on social media, too!